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I am: Getting older. A writer. Addicted to music. Someone who reads more than should be allowed. A biotechnological Engineer. A researcher. Part timer messer in things I truly shouldn't. Enjoying myself. Very aware I suck at drawing.

Current Residence: Lisbon
Favourite style of art: Classic; Renassaince
Personal Quote: To live is to search for answers. Even if we have no idea of the question to answer.
I'm sleepy and forgot i had written this yesterday. So there.

Tagged by :iconperahn:

1. Which is more dangerous in skilled hands: a paperclip or Blu-tack?
2. What makes you speechless?
3. How would you escape from a dentist's waiting-room?
4. Where is the Phantom of the Opera?
5. Paragon or Renegade?
6. Which three-word phrase do you most like to hear?
7. Where do odd socks go?
8. Have you ever licked a lamp post in winter?
9. Are magnets magical in nature?
10. What is the worst book you've ever read?

1. A paperclip. That little piece of metallic horror doesn't need to be sharpened to attempt to destroy my skin, nails, papers and other assorted items. A good little paperclip can be used to make a big man surrender. Keep that in mind and never give me sharp objects.

2. Stupidity, mostly. When people are dead blind to what's around them to the point they are insensitive, emotionless and goddamned stupid. I dislike it beyond everything. I agree with people having their own opinions and wishes but your freedom ends where your fellow human's begins. Think twice before opening those lips and we will all be happier. Last time I have been speechless was due to a great lack of sleep and such a stupid reply that I ended up laughing.

3. I'm horribly good at daydreaming. Give me a notebook and a pen and I'll be feeding stupid ideas to it. That or a window/door/escape panel if anyone came near me with a drill. I've spent enough time getting my teeth fixed, thank you very much.

4. Huh. Hopefully far away? His mask may or not have given me the creeps.

5. I mostly go the Paragon route. Don't get me wrong, I adore being bitchy and a good punch in the right moment goes very far. However, I do like helping people as much as possible and telling them to solve their own issues doesn't work completely with me. So paragon (except when kicking that Quarian admiral, eheh).

6. It's five o'clock.

7. Into this odd space between my mattress and the wall. It's my socks' black hole.

8. I have enough issues with ice cubes, nevermind with something that doesn't melt :p

9. Obviously. What is this about the magnetic field of earth? Dude, there are little fairies which sleep on pieces of metal and BAM, magic comes out by osmosis and makes stuff magnetic. Trust me, I'm an engineer.

10. Hm. I tried reading 50 shades of Grey and spent half the time going 'STALKER STALKER AWAY FROM ME DUDE' so that one wins. Oh, forgot. The Cry of Icemark is an incredibly predictable book about a 'warrior princess' who pretty much defeats everyone and everything under the sun against every odds and with a white tiger. That also ranks up there in 'why did I lose my time' chart.
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:heart::heart: :hug: I would never mind.
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